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Help us support vital nonprofit development work throughout the world. The World Neighborhood Fund supports smaller organizations that work passionately and efficiently to help alleviate conditions for some of the world's poorest people. In many of these countries, even a small donation goes a long way. As a guideline, consider that:

$20 will buy
1 month’s meals for an extended orphan family

$120 (or $10 per month) will pay for
1 month’s transportation to and from home, school, and the Bahia Street center for 1 student

$300 (or $25 per month) will provide
6 month’s salary for an electronics trainer for CPI’s vocational training program for land-mine accident survivors

$550 (or $45 per month) will fund
Watoto Wa Dunia’s entire microloan program for 35 women in Kiberia, Nairobi for 1 year

$3000 will completely fund
1 month’s operating costs for 20 girls at DZI’s Friendship House for at-risk girls in Kathmandu

If you'd like to help further, please donate directly to the individual organizations. You can find a list of who we support by clicking through the "Who We Help" tab.