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How It Works:

  • How does the World Neighborhood Fund work?
    When you use the Google search boxes on our site, or shop through WNF's online stores on our "Shop to Give" page, WNF is paid a commission. We've chosen a number of charitable causes to support, and all commissions earned are sent directly to those causes.

  • Do I need to sign in?
    No. In fact, there is no way to sign in to our site. All of your searches and purchases, and which stores you visit, are completely anonymous. Since all of our commissions go to a pre-determined cause, there is no need to track individual visitors. We can't and won't do it.

  • Do I pay the same price at these online stores when I start my shopping through World Neighborhood Fund?
    Yes, your price will be exactly the same as if you went to these online stores directly.

  • Does World Neighborhood Fund keep any of the commission?
    No, unlike similar programs, WNF does not keep a single penny from the commissions earned. We are conceived and staffed by dedicated volunteers. Our operating costs are extremely low and are covered completely by our Board of Directors. We also contribute to our charitable causes through direct donations.

  • Do I need to revisit World Neighborhood Fund every time I search or shop?
    Please! We only earn commissions when you search from the Google boxes on our site or initiate your online shopping by clicking through our "Shop to Give" page. Please pass the word on to friends and co-workers so we can create a meaningful difference.

  • Is there any way to help us remember to use World Neighborhood Fund?
    You can subscribe to our newsletter for occasional updates, information on our causes, and important news about WNF. We do not share personal information or email addresses. You can also make WNF your homepage by clicking on the link to the right.

  • Are there any other ways to help?
    We are always looking for volunteers, ideas, and new charitable causes to support. Please contact us at if you would like to help.

  • Can I choose the cause I would like to support?
    No. All commissions and donations go to our supported causes. This is what allows us to keep our overhead costs so low, and to eliminate the need to track visitors to our site. If you have a cause you would like to support, we encourage you to email a suggestion to us.

  • Can I get a tax deduction for my commissions?
    No. You can only take a deduction for amounts paid that are above the fair market price for your purchases. Since you are paying the same price that you would normally pay, there is no allowable deduction. However, if you make a direct donation to the charities directly, that donation is fully tax deductible.

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